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19ella wrote: Hansel and Gretal
once upon a time lived a girl called Gretal and a boy called Hansel.They were poor because there was a huge famine.They lived with their Dad not just their Dad their Stepmother she is definetly evil.She decided to take the kids to the woods and she l (More)
19ella wrote: Dear Miss Quigley
Dear Miss Quigley we really would like to  play splat like when we met you for our new teacher.Dear Miss Quigley we like you as our new pretty teacher.I thought that our year 3 teacher was going to be a boy but it's much happier to have you becaus (More)
19ella wrote: Percy the pirate
Percy is the worst pirate in the whole wide world. I know about him because I learnt about him in school.He is so so mean. He is meaner than all the other pirates like Anne Bonny and Captain Black beard because he steals booty and gold and jewelle (More)
19ella wrote: Pirates Build up
The old pirates are in the yellow and stinky pub.They were being noisy and they heard the old fiddler sing about booty.They got excited so they talked about the gold booty and they found where the booty was.The pirates look scary.They drink grog and (More)
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