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19harry wrote: Dear Miss Quigley
Dear miss Quigley I wanted be your class and when we were in the hole I so you looking at the hole line your the prettiest teacher.Dear Miss Quigley I wanted to be in your class and I am in your class now.Your class is huge, do you know it is good si (More)
19harry wrote: owesburn farm
When we went to Ouseburn farm we made plant pots and put compost in them then we put a hole after that we put a seed. Next we went to see the ducks and the chicks Tiny Tim's leg was finally fixed they let us hold them. After that we done this thing t (More)
Mr Newton shook the envelope and Mrs Bradley picked a name out of the envelope. I said that is not me but it was, I am so happy!   (More)
19harry wrote: I love work
Work is very very fun because today work was easy and Miss Harrison's class loved our performance. (More)
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