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19jamie wrote: YEar 2's Eggs
We have some white chick eggs and blue duck eggs in our classroom. The eggs belong to OUseburn Farm. Mr SHield and MRs HArris give the eggs some warm water and take them home at weekends so they can hatch. (More)
19jamie wrote: Brilliant book day
On Thursday it was world book day and we learned about into the forest. Mr Shield was a rabbit and Miss Harris was Minnie Mouse.We mad  a cake and we mad a picture of in the forest. (More)
19jamie wrote: Pirates
They went on the wooden giant ship. The bridge wasn't safe. Then the old fiddler talked about the sea monster and the pirates were terrified. Then the pirates were annoyed by a colorful parrot. The old fiddler was making annoying loud sounds. The pir (More)
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