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19jessica wrote: learning in school.
In school I learnd about Eliot Jones and we were reading a book about Eliot Jones. Next we were writing about him and we like to learn about Eliot Jones. (More)
19jessica wrote: learning in school
In school we learned rhyming words in the classroom. Next we learned about Steve the superhero and we watch the video of Steve the superhero. Then we were learning about the pirates and we was  dressed up as a pirates. (More)
19jessica wrote: learning about school
In class we learned about art and we painted about nocturnal owls. Next we wrote about the highway rat and we read the highway rat story. (More)
19jessica wrote: World book day
On  Thursday  we  made  a  rocky  rode  cakes .Next  we were writing about into the forest and we made loud noises using percussion instruments. Then we were dressed up as princesses and Minnie Mouse. Mr Shield  was dressed (More)
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