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19julianne wrote: Dear Miss Quigley
Dear Miss Quigley, I would like to do some games of splat because I enjoyed the other game of it.Can we do some work about fairy tales so we know how they come true.Dear Miss Quigley I hope you have a outstanding time with us. (More)
19julianne wrote: World book day
We got to get our own books because it was world book day.On world book day we got to do musical instruments because we were good. World book day was exciting good and fun.We got to make our fantastic bumpy roky forest cakes. (More)
19julianne wrote: Pirates
The worried pirates had a problem.The sea monster was very naughty and selfish. The see monster had sharp teeth. The sea monster was blue and green. The sea monster was big. It had 3 legs and he was greedy. (More)
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