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One freezing cold day, a little girl who was called Sophie, who looked very pretty and her brother who was called James who loves sience. While Sophie and James were doing their homework mum called them to go to their grandmas house because there gr (More)
19tameeka wrote: The tellyscope
Firstly,press the scarlet,round also shiny button which causes a red hand to shoot up.After that,pull the red hand then let go it go through the picture. (More)
In class, me and my class are learning about the Stone Age. The story is about a boy called Bob. So he was walking in a dark, dangerous also petrifying  forest. Suddenly, he fell into a scary hole.  So he crept out really quietly  and saw a (More)
When its day time Eliot is  very quiet. As quiet as a dinosaur. Incredibly, he is a smart, small and a brave superhero. Amazingly, Eliot can save the whole world without any help from anyone. The mayor in that story needed little Eliot (More)
19tameeka wrote: A new egg
We have a crack in a duck egg.It is in the incubater to keep them warm so they can hatch early.Did you know two chick eggs have already hatched and the duck egg has got a massive crack on it?The chicks are called Tiny Tim and the other one is called (More)
19tameeka wrote: Pirates
It was a freezing night.In the pitch black  night sky the stars were twinkling  like treasure and the moon was shining really bright. The scary and dusty alleyway was surrounded by hard and spiky houses.Every single place is silent but the anno (More)
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