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19zuwena wrote: My Own Story
They were playing awesome football. He was the best brother in the world without him my life will be over. In  the evening, I read some books my mom wanted me to stop because I was outstanding with my reading. The next morning, I we (More)
19zuwena wrote: I love year 3
In year 3,we have learnt a lot of new things.Now we are learning about the stone age.A man from Stonehenge sent us a message and said that to write a story about him. What I like about my class,is that we all work as a team. Even if we are from diffe (More)
19zuwena wrote: Talent Show
On Friday we had a Talent Show.Our favourite part was kung foo Fighting.The boys was David Gildo Nathan and Nathan.It was outstanding and fantastic.We got to watch everybodys pofomance.Evan 2s Boys. (More)
19zuwena wrote: The night pirates
At midnight everyone was asleep except from the sneaky girl pirates.They were going to a little boys house called Tom.Tom is a brave boy boy who loves going on adventures. The girl pirates came back and used a disguise!!! (More)
19zuwena wrote:
The woried pirates had a massive problem. They was scared because the slimy discussing seamonster he wanted to eat them all so the pirates went as fast as he coued. The sea monster catch up whith the pirets. They were screaming they shouting but the (More)
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