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19lexi wrote:
The worried priest had a problem with the disgusting blue see monster. The bumpy enormous nasty slimy see monster was roaring alot .The blue angry evil see monster had terrible bloody sharp grimy teeth.The see monster had googly blue evil eyes. He ha (More)
19jamie wrote: Pirates
They went on the wooden giant ship. The bridge wasn't safe. Then the old fiddler talked about the sea monster and the pirates were terrified. Then the pirates were annoyed by a colorful parrot. The old fiddler was making annoying loud sounds. The pir (More)
19brianna wrote: Pirates
In the noisy stinking pub the greedy pirates where eating treasure. The stinking old wrinkled fiddler was slinging about doubloons and treasure . One pirate had a floppy hat and a little bit of hair. (More)
19julianne wrote: Pirates
The worried pirates had a problem.The sea monster was very naughty and selfish. The see monster had sharp teeth. The sea monster was blue and green. The sea monster was big. It had 3 legs and he was greedy. (More)
19zuwena wrote:
The woried pirates had a massive problem. They was scared because the slimy discussing seamonster he wanted to eat them all so the pirates went as fast as he coued. The sea monster catch up whith the pirets. They were screaming they shouting but the (More)
19tameeka wrote: Pirates
It was a freezing night.In the pitch black  night sky the stars were twinkling  like treasure and the moon was shining really bright. The scary and dusty alleyway was surrounded by hard and spiky houses.Every single place is silent but the anno (More)
19ella wrote: Pirates Build up
The old pirates are in the yellow and stinky pub.They were being noisy and they heard the old fiddler sing about booty.They got excited so they talked about the gold booty and they found where the booty was.The pirates look scary.They drink grog and (More)
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